There’s an art to finding just the right gothic bedroom ideas to convert your space into the lair of your nightmares. To begin with, you want to strike the right balance between dark and color, and patterns and solids when curating your wall decor and props. 

While you want the room to feel dark, you don’t want it to feel oppressive. With the right color scheme, gothic décor, and accent pieces, you could soon have a gothic-styled bedroom that’s delightfully hauntworthy.

1. Set the Tone with Gothic Walls

gothic bedroom

The most striking feature of your gothic room—and the one that sets the tone for all of your decor, accents, and furniture—is the wall color. Before choosing a shade, it’s important to take into consideration the amount of natural and artificial light that you currently have in your room. Darker colors will require some illumination. 

After settling on a color palette, you’ll need to decide on the right balance of solids and prints—keeping in mind the rest of your gothic decor. Though some amount of contrasting colors, patterns, and textures can work, too much can result in sensory overload.

Option #1: Paint

If choosing black, certain things should be taken into account before taking the plunge.

Dark Colors in Rooms without Much Natural Light

If your room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, a black room can feel oppressive. 

If you are drawn to black but aren’t totally convinced, start with an accent wall to try it out before committing to all four walls. 

You may find that one or two black walls, complemented with wallpaper or brighter paint, feel cozier and more spacious than a room that’s painted entirely in black.

Choose the Right Shade of Black

Black is a mainstay of the goth aesthetic. However, as you’ll see in our range of goth clothing, combining jet black with shades of gray and even white helps the black stand out and accentuates its darkness.

Combining black with charcoal, brown, and other rich colors can pick up subtle hues in your decor and furniture, adding depth and three-dimensionality to your cave that you couldn’t achieve with black alone. Hints of silver and white can be especially helpful if your room is already in a dark corner of the house.

Alternatives to Black Paint

There are many beautiful rich colors that can work perfectly in a gothic bedroom.

Deep, rich colors:

  • Burgundy/deep red
  • Blood red
  • Midnight blue
  • Dark purple 
  • Deep green/turquoise

Colder, more subtle colors:

  • Slate
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White

If you’re a minimalist, try the classic combination of black and white. Pastel goths may want to extend the palette of their wardrobe to their decor with pastel accents in lilac and pink.

Option #2: Wallpaper

gothic bedroom wallpaper

Wallpaper adds color, texture, and pattern and can be used to create a unique modern gothic aesthetic in very little time. Wallpaper murals can be especially striking—imagine a witchy forest or haunted cemetery right in your room.

If you do go for patterns, take time to visualize the effect of wallpapering all four walls vs two or three patterned walls with one or two accent walls painted in a solid hue. Remember—it’s all about finding balance.

Filigree Wallpaper

Filigree is an ornate style of art that traditionally features thin wire twisted into intricate designs. When used on wallpaper, a filigree pattern is an opulent choice. The beauty of the pattern combines with its plush, velvety texture to bring a luxurious, regal feel to your room. 

Don't Limit Yourself to Black

Filigree paper can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like, ranging from light grays to bolder colors for the more daring. 

In particular, gothic damask wallpaper in cobalt, deep purple, or a luxurious jungle green pairs perfectly with velvet armchairs, sofas, and gold-leafed furnishings to create a gothic yet elegant look that wouldn’t be out of place in the Palace of Versailles.

Dramatic Wallpaper

Dramatic wallpaper is the ultimate statement in a gothic bedroom. Try black pinstripe wallpaper for a homage to Wednesday Addams fashion.

If pinstripes aren’t your thing, there are myriad options ranging from dramatic floral designs to more overtly gothic details like daggers, skulls, bats, and chandeliers.

Custom Options Add a Personal Touch

Many designers and artists offer custom-printed wallpaper, giving you the option to choose the image, pattern, or even photo you want on your wall. This is a great option for a room that’s truly unique.

2. Deck Out Your Room with Decor

bedroom with gothic decor

You’ve chosen the color and style of the walls; now it’s time to fill your bedroom.

There are many styles of gothic interiors to choose from.

A mix of gothic accessories, elegant furniture, and carefully chosen fabrics will make your gothic-inspired bedroom one to die for.

Whimsigoth Style

Whimsigoth is an interior design aesthetic that combines a gothic style with fun, whimsical touches. Essentially, it’s a lighter version of the gothic aesthetic that softens the overall tone with nature, plants, apothecary decor, and celestial inspirations.

Whimsigoth Bedroom Ideas


Start with moody, dark walls. Deep midnight blue, dark, dusky purple, or black work exceptionally well as a base. Alternatively, try patterned wallpaper in dark tones.


Incorporate furniture featuring gothic colors, diverse textures, and a range of textiles for contrast.

Fabric and textiles:

  • Lace
  • Velvet
  • Gauze throws or wall coverings
    Deathmoth Sherpa Back Blanket

Celestial elements:

  • Moon or sun-shaped lamps
  • Celestial-inspired velvety blankets, like our Deathmoth Sherpa Back Blanket
  • Gold and silver mirrors, chandeliers, and accents

Gothic bedroom decor:

Incorporate layers with:

  • Stacks of books
  • Layered cushions and throws in different textures and fabrics
  • Ornate picture frames over textured or colored wallpaper

Decor and furniture pieces with a gothic theme:

  • Houseplants and floral accents
  • Magic-inspired decor
  • Large pieces of rustic furniture
  • A beautiful dark-wooden bookcase, rustic oak trunk, or chest of drawers

Neo-Gothic Aesthetic 

The modern take on gothic styles in the bedroom reinvents the Victorian gothic aesthetic and adds a modern twist, keeping the best of both old and new. 

This aesthetic is quirky and unique, incorporating vintage and antique styles, gothic architecture, and even features of gothic churches into the modern bedroom.

Neo-Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Don't forget that your gothic-inspired bedroom should never sacrifice comfort. A modern gothic bedroom should rock the gothic style but maintain the perfect ambiance. Ultimately, a gothic bedroom design should have drama at its heart.

How to Use Decor to Create a Modern Gothic Feel

  • Your 21st Century Gothic-Styled Bedroom
    Make the bed the center of the room; a spectacular four-poster bed or canopy bed can become the focal point of the room. Include ornate carvings, dramatic velvet drapes, and plush fabrics on the bed for a striking look. The headboard is an important part of the bed, bringing drama, luxury, and an overt gothic style.
  • Though antique furniture is wonderful for creating a neo-gothic chic feel, it's not necessary to break your budget. Look for second-hand furniture or go for replicas.

Choose accessories and accents with an antique feel: Victorian-era furniture, gothic-style mirrors, and picture frames.

  • Prioritize natural materials: think wrought iron candlesticks and lamps, heavy oak and mahogany furniture, or an original wooden floor.
  • Think carefully about fabric choice; luxurious velvets, damask, silk, and lace work well.
Take Advantage of Everything the Room Offers
  • Take advantage of the ceiling. The ceiling can be painted, covered in wallpaper, or used to create spaciousness with a mirror. Also don't forget the cornices—these can be painted in gold for an opulent contrast to the darkness of your walls.
  • Don't forget the windows. A decorative window (think the stained glass windows in Wednesday) can bring a stunning Victorian churchy feel to your bedroom and add a splash of color.

Your 21st Century Gothic-Styled Bedroom Can Be Whatever You Want It to Be

Whether you want a traditional gothic style—taking inspiration from historical gothic interiors—a whimisgoth look, a neo-gothic bedroom, or an eclectic aesthetic that incorporates elements from all of these looks, there are thousands of gothic bedroom ideas to choose from.

Whichever aesthetic you ultimately decide on for your gothic bedroom decor, one thing's for sure: A gothic-style room will always be inspiring, breathtaking, and totally unique.

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